How To Get Rid Of The Fat Around Your Belly-Button Area

Most people experience from time to time the problem of fat around their belly-button area, but how do you get rid of this problem permanently? According to Jared DiCarmine owner of Ideal Fitness Trends, who has studied Exercise Science, it is because of the wrong exercises.


“According Mr. DiCarmine, the truth are those exercises will not make a single dent into their love handle problem and help them get rid of the fat around their belly-button area. He states the only way to effectively target this hard to lose stubborn belly fat area is through the use of intense EPOC inducing workouts. EPOC stands for excess post oxygen consumption and is positively correlated with one’s metabolism. So by increasing one’s excess post oxygen consumption levels, they will inevitably increase their metabolism and thus burn more calories over the long haul as compared to doing certain exercises for love handles like crunches and sit-ups.”

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